Welcome to Durosia

Right now, Durosia.com is serving as the capital for a number of sites.You can get to all of them from here.

Much like a mythical empire, Durosia spans great distances of topics and styles, but is all held together by a set of principles shared by all. (Also by the fact that Kier is the main person behind them all...)

Below you'll see some of what's going on in other places in the empire. There will more going on here in Durosia proper eventually, but for now it's where you can always start your journey.

Unrestricted Thought - The Durosia.com Blog

Want to know what's going on in my head? Then this is the part of the empire you want to visit. It's a clearing house for all those random thoughts (and some not so random ones) that don't fit anywhere else in Durosia. (This sub-division is relatively new... for older stuff see the archives.) Go visit Unrestricted Thought: The Durosia.com Blog now.

Presence @ Durosia.com

Presence is the economic engine that fuels Durosia. It's where I put my knowlege of the web and social media to use so you can focus on what you do best in your business. I'll help you get your story out, connect with your community, and be where people are looking for you. Go visit Presence @ Durosia.com now.

How to Crush Without Being Crushed

Have questions about relationships? Want to share some stories of crushes gone wrong--or right? Need to discover what you really want and need in (and what you have to offer to) that special someone? Then pop on over to this district and join me as I explore things like that. Go visit How to Crush Without Being Crushed now.

The Searcher Journal

The more spiritual and etheric side of Durosia gets expressed fully in this province. It can sometimes be a slightly altered state... but that's to be expected when talking of things like ghosts, premonitions, and finding your own path in the strange world we live in. Go wander through The Searcher Journal now.

Toob Talk

Toob Talk is where everyone goes to talk about things on screens: TV shows, movies, maybe even video games every now and then. It's a place for actual thought, not mindless consumption, so it may not be to everyone's liking. Go visit Toob Talk now.

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