Bin Laden Ends, But There is More to the Story

[These are just some quick thoughts, originally published in a Facebook comment stream on a friend's post... they will be developed more as time goes on, but I wanted to share them because they are important points.]

Wars are fought for many reasons, rarely are those reasons the ones given to the public. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes often, historically speaking, involves money and resources (strategic or otherwise). The publicly lauded "victory points" are sometimes quite different from the deeper, longer lasting objectives in play.

Over the past decade, a whole lot of money, power and resources have changed hands... at the expense of a whole lot of "pawns", with a lot of "collateral damage". War is nasty, nasty business where the ends justify the means and those ends aren't always in the best immediate interest of the general population. If we're lucky, the long term gains are maybe worth it.

I am quite happy that we've finally achieved the objective of, one way or another, getting the guy who was behind the worst attack ever on American soil. I was a reporter in NY, just a couple hours outside of NYC, back in September of 2001. I have friends who lost friends and family in the events of that day. It disgusts me that it's taken us a decade to do this job... and many more lives have been lost in that time.

But while I'm happy this chapter is over, I'm nowhere near naive enough to think that it's the end of the story. There is always more going on than is reported on. And if you think there's not going to be some sort of retaliation--or that there haven't been less than pure interests served over the past decade that have reveled in the continuation of these wars--you're not familiar with human nature or history.

And because of that, I *do* revel in the good things in life. Death of anyone isn't one of those things.