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My Next Big Step

It’s been five years since I came back home from college.

Five years of working for a weekly community newspaper.

Five years of living with my parents, visiting old friends sporadically, watching too much TV and generally just sitting in front of computer screens most of the time.

Now, at the end of August, all that is going to change. I’m getting ready for my next big step.

What is my next big step, you ask? Well, at its most basic, it’s doing something kind of dumb.

Kier's Big Trip Part II: Living Las Vegas


The trip cross country finished, Gerry and I have settled into her apartment on the outskirts of Las Vegas. In four days on the road, you can get to know someone pretty well. Nothing, however, will shake the foundations of any friendship like moving in.

We were lucky enough to show up at the apartment the same time as the shipment of Gerry's stuff. By the time she had her keys and lease in hand, most of the boxes had already been unloaded and stacked about the apartment. All that was really left, was to get stuff to where it needed to be.


Kier's Big Trip (Part I)

There's nothing like a road trip to get you back in touch with the things that matter.

In the summer of 2002, I hit the road with a friend of mine as she made her way cross-country to begin a teaching job in Las Vegas, NV.

During that trip, I learned what it really meant to be hot, how tricky it is to do some things when you're on the road and many other things.



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