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Halloween Debate: Costume? Apartment Warming?

My Costume Box Beckons...Halloween has long been my holiday. First for simply aesthetic reasons (it gives me a chance to play around with the special effects makeup and costumes, and see what creative stuff others can do), then for more spiritual ones (as the real end of the year cycle, the last gasp of life before the cold, dead winter envelops everything).

Kier's Move (Part the Second: The Unpackening)

Boxes, ready to be unpacked.So the move the other week went very well. Much more smoothly than expected. Mostly due to the wonderful friends who turned up--some all day--to move stuff with great effectiveness.


SunriseThe rays of the still hidden sun begin to creep above the horizon. Slowly, subtly, roused by the return of light, color begins to return to the world.

The gray and black clouds of night catch fire, shining pink and orange against the bluing sky. Soon, as the blinding brilliance of the full sun emerges life and warmth will return. The cycle will have come full circle. The day will begin.



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