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What I'm Working On

Durosian FlagSince I started this 100 day countdown to the end of the year just over a week ago, I've managed to keep pretty darn busy.

Some of it I can talk readily about. Some things, though, I, sadly, can't really talk about yet (but hopefully before the year is up). The good news is, most of the former are business related and very few of the latter concern anyone other than me and one or two other people.

Hip to be Square?

Square logo I've been expecting two packages in the mail. Today I got one of them.

It was a nondescript, slightly bulky envelope that showed up in the mailbox. Inside was a shrinkwrapped hunk of styrofoam and, gently but securely wedged in the middle of that hunk of protective whiteness, was a little hunk of plastic with an 1/8th inch mail audio jack connector.

This was my Square card reader.

100 Day Century Countdown Challenge

As of right about now, there are 100 days left in 2010.

I don't know about you, but my year hasn't been anywhere near as productive as it should have been.

Now, thanks to some encouragement from friends and some necessity put upon me by other circumstances, it's time to scramble to make up that deficit.

I've got a lot of plans--business ideas, personal goals, announcements--that I'd like to have at least started by the time 2011 rolls around.


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