Busy Busy Busy

Aside from the (getting back to) regularly scheduled posting at The Searcher Journal and How to Crush Without Being Crushed, I've been a bit quiet online lately.

Mostly because "real life" has been super busy.

There's no shortage of things I want to write about. I'm at least a half dozen TV show reviews behind for ToobTalk and I've got a slew of ideas that need to be better developed before they go anywhere else (see this post, for example).

The day job has kicked up into very busy mode--which I can't at all complain about. Crunching to get through a whole lot of content transfer from old client sites to new client sites, working with three very different content management systems (all for different clients, of course) and still trying to get back on a semi-normal sleep schedule after four weeks of being off of on. Four weeks that was capped off by Daylight Savings Time kicking in, messing with my internal clock all the more.

On the health side, things are good. Ever since that second day in the hospital, after the first round of Prednisone had a chance to do its thing, the swelling that was causing the problems faded. Barely being able to walk didn't slow me down all that much, so needless to say it's been business as usual for me.

Business as usual means going out on weekends and watching more than enough TV during the week.

This weekend, for example, this Saturday, I'll be down in Alexandria at Artery 717 for the opening of their new show Private Arts. My friend and former coworker Nguyet has some pretty impressive pieces of art in the show.

Then I'll be heading out to Spellound as has been usual for Saturday nights. May have to dial back on that a bit from here on out, though, as cash is going to get tight quickly for the next couple of months.

Part of that is the medical bills that will be rolling in. Thankfully, most of that will be covered by the insurance. The other part of that is some on the horizon expenses that will lead to some great stories.

The first two weekends in April Browncoats: Redemption will be filming out in Ocean City, MD. I'll be helping out with that as a face in the crowd. But, since it's so far away, there will need to be a hotel room rented for a few nights. A small price to pay to be part of something I think is going to be fantastic.

If there's any money left after that, I'm going to be hitting this year's X Conference. Yes, that's the UFO one. The first one blew my mind a lot. And the list of guests for this year's is equally impressive.

So, yeah... keeping busy. And among all that there still needs to be apartment hunting done and new revenue streams dug up.

Oh, and more writing. Because, really, I need to do more. And picture uploading. I've got a stack of those sitting in the queue waiting to be sorted for months now.