Sprucing Up, Moving Around

It's been a while since I've updated the blog here.

Part of that's been due to getting a new business arm of the kingdom up and running.

A few months ago, I launched Presence @ Durosia.com. From there, I help people, businesses, and organizations get themselves online and set up with social and mobile media plans.

That, along with trying to keep things going over at How to Crush Without Being Crushed and, up until a month ago, my day job, slowed down some of the plans I had for Durosia.com proper.

There were some changes made. If you've come through on a regular basis, you've surely noticed the new theme. That came along with a move from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 a handful of months ago. It was as much a technical test for things I could be doing with client's sites as it was a personal challenge.

Upgrading, as always, leads to some old things not working any more and the need for some new things. All of that is "under the hood", though, so there's not a whole lot to notice.

I finally put down in writing the principles that Durosia is founded on.

There's more redesign to be done. Durosia.com is officially becoming the hub of the kingdom, a fine capitol that will serve as a jumping off point for all the various regions/projects I have in mind.

Part of that will be splitting the blog off into its own sub-section (which will be running Wordpress instead of Drupal, since it doesn't need to be quite so complex). Posts will still show up here in hub, but they'll officially live elsewhere.

All the existing posts will be archived here (at least until I get around to moving the hundred or so that exist over to the new blog section).

The new blog will be the core of my own online identity. A place where you'll always be able to find out what I'm up to and where I am.

So, that makes this the last official post in the old blog system here... over the weekend I'm going to be getting the new one up and running and (finally) finishing the redesign of the front page here.

It's been kind of a rough year here in the kingdom... looking forward to wrapping it up on a better note.

As always, your feedback is welcome (and encouraged).



very nice post! are you a pro writer ? that seems really good done. whish i could write like this lol